Started and Trained Gun Dogs

Torbay's Retrievers is proud of the quality of our trained and started gun dogs. Our trained dogs are purchased as puppies from solid Field Dog breedings. These pups quickly become a big part of our family. Upon Completion of their gun dog training, they are ready for a permanent home. We strive to ensure that their new families will care for them and give them the same love and attention as we did. Each dog is sold with a hip and eye guarantee and a "no-questions-asked", 30 day, money back guarantee from the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied with one of our pups, we will happily accept them back into our family!

Price for a Started dog is generally $3,000 depending on the dog. Cost includes the original cost of the puppy, four months of raising expenses and the formal gun dog training. Variations in the cost of the puppy and raising expenses can change the average cost.

Many hunters appreciate a dog that can make a blind retrieve. This is where a hunter can direct a dog to a bird that the dog did not see fall by the use of hand and whistle signals. This is advanced training. Advanced training is available for dogs that have completed the basic gun dog program. The fee is $1,000 per month. Depending on the dog's ability, it generally takes 3 months to complete the advanced (handling) training. For the owner who has never worked a dog that handles, participation in this training is strongly recommended. Effective handling is a partnership built on trust and takes time to develop. By working with the dog during its training you will learn how to do your part and build the trust necessary for effective handling.