Torbay's Gun Dog Training

Our gun Dog training program will unlock your best friend's potential to hunt upland fields and from the duck blind. Gun dog training should start at about 6 months of age. Click here to learn more about your dog's trainer. Training begins with teaching basic obedience commands, which include sit (sit means stay), heel, here, place, sit-to-whistle, come-to-whistle and kennel.

The second part of the gun dog training program consists of teaching the force hold, force retrieve commands, while solidifying those commands through collar conditioning. After completion of the yard work, the dog will move into the field where they will transition those basic skills to upland and waterfowl hunting. Your buddy will quarter a field and stay within gun range, retrieve a marked bird fall, deliver to hand, and be steady in the duck blind.

When your retriever starts fieldwork, you are strongly encouraged to participate in training, making a better transition from trainer to handler, and an overall better "team" attitude. On average, our gun dog training program takes three months, but it could take longer depending how quickly the dog learns. *Our pride is making the program fit the dog, not making the dog fit the program.*

The Training fee is $850 per month. The initial payment is due when you drop off the dog off, then billed monthly. The price includes board, feeding of a premium dog food and training birds. Live game birds are seasonally available and if desired, at additional expense to the owner, they will be used in training. Your dog will be made a part of our retriever family spending time in the house watching TV and sleeping everyday. Dogs are trained, exercised and cared for everyday. We train in the South Sound area around Olympia, WA which thousands of acres of upland fields and ponds available for training. Click here to visit our Training Grounds Page.

Advanced Training (handling) and hunting season tune ups are available and is billed at $1,000 per month.